The tutoring cell: A new way to succeed


The tutoring unit is a supervision window for new students enrolled at the Algerian University. Its main role is guidance and information. This work is hard and continuous for the success of the student at all levels (educational, social, psychological, ...).


Supervision aspects

       The task of the supervisor differs from that of the teacher. The functions and activities of the supervisor have four main aspects:

1-Informative and administrative aspects:

  • Reception: Explain the "LMD" system for the stude
  • Orientation: direct the student to various facilities and structures Located in the university.
  • Mediation: to instruct the student during the execution of proceedings different university interests.

2-The educational aspect:

  • Support and accompany the student in the organization of his work.
  • Help the student build his own course.

3-Technical and methodological aspects:

  • Use the Internet rationally for scientific research.
  • Teaching undergraduate programs.
  • Educate students in their studies.

4-Psychological side:

  • Motivate the student and encourage him to continue his training.
  • Provide support and advice to students.
  • Listen to the student and build trust between the supervisor and the student.
  • Encourage and reassure the student to ensure the success of the study.


The benefits of supervision

  • Supervision is a task that requires preparation and organization to help new students in the first year.
  • Supervision does not compensate conferences and no work applied.
  • Supervision is a set of actions taken by the supervisor to support and help students succeed in their course.

The benefits of supervision include:

  • Facilitate the integration of students in university life.
  • Support and help students succeed in their studies.
  • Realize the psychological and social adaptation of the student.
  • Get information about the world of work.

          The supervision cell was able to achieve great success, as evidenced by the high pass rate on exams.

          Therefore, we invite all new first year students to join the supervision cell to facilitate their scientific, educational and administrative tasks.


Head of the tutoring unit at the Faculty of Technology

Prof. ALILI Abdessamad