Media 04-06-2017

Communiqué pour les étudiants en Génie Biomédical

 A falsified document was published on social networks on Sunday, 04 June 2017, about "measures to be taken against students responsible for the strike" from the Rector of the University of Tlemcen to Mr. Doyen, Faculty of Technology.

The Rector confirms that this document is not valid either in its form or in its content and commits to find the person responsible and to sue him.

It seems that the purpose of the publication of this malicious document is to question the credibility of the administration and its means to help striking students to extract them from the psychological state in which they are now and to bring them back to their normal state to spare their academic year.

The University reminds all students that the administration of the university keeps always its word, and that it has always addressed them in all sincerity and frankness and transparency, contrary to what has been said.

The administration of the university invites all students to face this serious defamation, as what happened today shows that the problem has exceeded the claims filed and responded by the official authorities and has become for deliberate and unknown purposes.

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